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In the beginning of the twentieth century, this former medieval fishing village developed into a modern industrial centre and became a home for factory workers. Kalamaja, located just outside the Old Town and one of the oldest districts in Tallinn, is now a herald of the freshest trends. Quaint, easy-going, and with a healthy dose of greenery, it feels like a hip village inside the city. Kalamaja is known for its well-preserved wooden houses, including a style called the ‘Tallinn house’. 

The district is also home to the most innovative museums in town including the Energy Discovery Centre, the Seaplane Harbour, and the PROTO Invention Factory.  Add in a variety of events, and it is no wonder that Kalamaja has become a social hub in Tallinn. Kalamaja is only a short walk away from the Old Town but also accessible by bus or tram.

Bertolucci restaurant is located in Vana-Kalamaja 28b in a building of architectural value designed by the Karli Luik and Kevin Villem
The cozy interiors design, soaked with family details, gives a warm Italian feeling with a hint of movies' atmosphere in honour of the related famous director
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The big windows and the view of Kalamaja neighborhood, immerse the guests in the magical spirit of the oldest quarter of Tallinn
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